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[Nov. 25th, 2005|06:09 pm]
Magdalene Trinity Longbottom
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |fEvErTiBbLeS: sHoW uS tHe QuAdRaTiC eQuAtIoN]

Tutoring with Snape = less internet time & total drag. I hate my older brother right now. But at least I'm getting better with boomslang and wolfsbane...X_x Well, here's this thing Will sent me in an email. It's one of those listy things were you list friends and answer questions I think. I'm checking it out as I put it on here.

~List 20 male friends that AREN'T family members. (full names, please)
1. Norbert Randall Hutchins
2. Trevor Murphy Blarfune
3. Hunter Trophy Blarfune (ugh, his middle name! the poor thing's dad is an avid sportsman, you can tell)
4. Kerrick David Walser
5. Dane Charles Thomas (Dickie is going to KILL me when he finds out I put his real name on here)
6. Lazlo Johnny Devonshire
7. Luken Seamus David Atherton
8. Marlin Grady O'Brian...or is it O'Brien...I can never remember
9. Daniel Patrick Shunpike
10. Stanley William Shunpike
11. Navid Jahari Khiorset
12. Phillip Frederick Brandy
13. Joshua Justin Brandy
14. Trey Olton Serwell (I never figured out where 'Olton' came from. Probably his Granda)
15. Draco Lucian Aiden Malfoy (Merlin forgive me, but he is nice...sometimes)
16. Cedric Amos Diggory (he helps me in Herbology when Neville is..."occupied"...plus his smile is *DIES* absolutely gorgeous!)
17. Ronald Billius Weasley
18. Shane Bobby Whisper (ShaBob!!! I almost forgot ShaBob!! He makes the BEST mac'n'cheese!)
19. Terrence James Boot (He's cool when you get over his slang)
20. Roan Riley Rickton (R-cubes...I'll have to show you a picture of him sometime...yeah, just don't ask yet...bask in his three-R'd glory...)

~List 20 female friends that AREN'T family members (full names please)
A. Susan Marlene Bones
B. Lavender Rose Brown
C. Hannah Jane Prickett
D. Fanta Tzipora Walser (Her family is part Jewish! They invite me over for Hannukah...'tis cool)
E. Shauna Fiona Thomas
F. Lilian Wendy Thomas
G. Charity Felice Rogers
H. Elsa Brandine Davies
I. Giana Shiva Khiorset
J. Jenna Blake Ostrich
K. Delilah Marigold Verdant
L. Katie Georgie Feroné
M. Lisabeth Hannah Drow
N. Aderely Rianne O'Brian...or O'Brien...like I said, can't remember.
O. Tallulah Bridget Karples
P. Victoria Wilhelmina Crossling
Q. Bethanie Truth Harpiscol
R. Aften Jessica Parliament (I always thought it was funny that her surname was Parliament. She always thought it was funny my middle name is Trinity...It's a win-win situation.)
S. Marzipan (yes, I have a girl-friend whose name is 'Marzipan') Lola Fertrude
T. Amanda Helena Barkins

~What is #1's relationship with K?
* Norbert and Delilah? Hmm...well, Norbert used to date Elsa, and Del and El are like BEST FRIENDS, so basically Delilah knows everything about Nor...even his boxer size :)
~What is #16 and H's favourite colour?
* Wow...umm, Cedric's is yellow, I think, and Elsa's is pink...watermelon, bubblegum pink
~Would #3 and J make a good couple?
* Okay...Jenna LOVES Hunter to death, but...uh...since he's gay, I don't really think so.
~How long have you known #20 and C?
*Roan...8 years, and Hannah...5
~Would you date #15?
*...X_x...no comment
~What is M's greatest accomplishment?
*Persuading her father to let her go on that broomstick-ride tour with her boyfriend in France. I don't know HOW you did it, Lisa, but it is c'est awesome!
~Do you think that #2 and P should get married?
*No! Victoria is 20 and Trevor is 15...and besides, Victoria is engaged to my brother!!!
~Will #11 and I make babies?
*I do hope NOT!!! I don't want a Boone-&-Shannon-incest, Arabian-style!
~Will #7 marry S?
*Umm...I'd have to say no. Besides the fact that I'm dating Luken, him and Marzipan have never really met, so unless it would be an arranged marriage, not blood likely!
~Lastly, will all of these people go to your house, get drunk, and somehow travel through time-space-continuum and meet Abraham Lincoln?
*In the future, yes:)

~List everyone's nickname (starting with males)
1. Norble
2. Trev
3. Mr. Fashiony Pants
4. Kerrshizzle
5. Dickie
6. Lazarazz
7. Lukie
8. Kiltin O'Brian/O'Brien (I really need to figure out if it's 'a' or 'e')
9. Danny
10. Stanny
11. Knave
12. Philonius
13. Josie
14. Trekky
15. Malfoy
16. Ced
17. Ron
18. ShaBob-ShaBang (We made a song. The first part goes: ShaBob-ShaBang, ShaDiggy, ShaMalacca! Or...something like that.)
19. Terry/Tear-It (Like Post-It)
20. R-cubes/R-cubed/R-Cube-Hizzle

A. Suze
B. Lavatory (Maybe I should stop calling her that, but she calls me Magstromboli, so it's even)
C. HanaLoo
D. Fanta-Fanta (Oh wow, REALLY creative! *sarcasm* Then again, we sing the whole 'Fanta' song as her nickname, so I guess Fanta-Fanta is better than putting the whole sodding thing on here)
E. Shaw-Shaw-Shimmy
F. Cap'n Lillyposy
G. Bum
H. El/Elbada
I. Giazizzle
J. Ostrihizzwillie
K. Delvadene
L. Kata-George
M. Lisa/Word-Girl
N. AderSubtraction (Don't ask...)
O. Tall
P. Vikki/ The Ol' Mum
Q. Beth/Harpoon
R. AfterMints
S. Marzi/Marsupial/Fortresse of Lolatude (Oh Merlin, fourth grade!)
T. Armani

[User Picture]From: donkeygrrl
2005-11-26 01:08 am (UTC)
Wow, that was a long thingy.
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[User Picture]From: eversoannoying
2005-11-26 09:11 pm (UTC)
Why do ALL your friends have nicknames?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trinity_dorkus
2005-11-27 10:57 pm (UTC)
Because that's the initiation into the Blob! Everyone gets a nickname! It's like...sacreligious to NOT have one when you're in the Blob. (By the way, I dunno if I ever mentioned, but the Blob is the name for our little gathering of freaks)
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[User Picture]From: eversoannoying
2005-11-28 02:44 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: trinity_dorkus
2005-12-08 12:51 am (UTC)
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