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YAY TIM BURTON!!! - confessions of an ire-glish dork [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Magdalene Trinity Longbottom

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YAY TIM BURTON!!! [Oct. 3rd, 2005|08:24 pm]
Magdalene Trinity Longbottom
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Billy Joel: We Didn't Start the Fire]

Wow, that was random, but not as random as Gwen shouting 'YAY VIRGINITY!' on Seamus's journal entry:) Anyway, the movie was awesome. Izzy was looking tré cool, as expected, and Steve was all, "Hey, you two must be Maggie and Luken, right?" He was really cool and nice, and Izzy was all 'YAY TIM BURTON' (hence the title). Well, Luke dressed up normal, and he was all "Popcorn and Pop and Concessions are Essential!" So he bought the 1st 'round' of concessions, then Steve did, then me and Izzy butted it that we could buy our own snacks. So, the movie was really cool, especially with Izzy's commentary:) So afterwards, we hung out a little bit until Kerrick and Hunter picked me and Luke up (he doesn't get his license until March), and we both stayed at the LOve ShAck. It was cool because Bret and Victoria bought a karaoke machine and we were singing to Billy Joel and D-F and Bon Jovi all night. Victoria really wants to meet you guys because she's already met Neville and thinks he's "a thick-headed cutie-pie"...X_x. So anyway, I left the ShAck Sunday night, and while we were at the station going to London, Lazlo kept taking pictures of us. I really wanted to say goodbye to Kerrick and Hunter, but I couldn't find them. So Bret went looking for them while Will just sulked around (he's still mad about Izzy & Tatum). He came back all pale-faced and mumbling, and Laz was all, "What's wrong?" Bret start jabbing his finger at some abandoned ticket booth, and Laz, me, Luke, & Will went to go check it out. Let's just say...oh hell with it! KERRICK AND HUNTER WERE MAKING OUT!!! there, that wasn't...too bad. it was awkward because even though I knew Hunter was gay, I didn't know Kerrick was, and then they started dating...I've got to get used to it. But it's cute, because they hold hands and stuff...awe. haha, you probably all think I'm some deranged freak...but you know what? I AM!!! hahaha!
love, maggbeth

[User Picture]From: trinity_dorkus
2005-10-04 08:47 pm (UTC)
*gasp* she would die!
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